If even part of what I’m reading about Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s behavior after sentencing Roger Stone to 40 months in jail is any indication, I have to wonder if she’s just so bitter, so left-wing, so arrogant that she figures mainstream media will protect her (which, to a large degree, they are doing)…

…or is it some strange way of challenging President Trump to pardon Stone – maybe in the hope that doing so would cause Attorney General Bill Barr to resign which, in turn, might end the Durham investigation?

The key issue here – forgetting the fact that the only people being tried for lying to congress are Trump supporters, not anti-Trumpers who tried to unseat him from the presidency – is the obviously tainted jury foreperson, Tomeka Hart.

From Kristine Phillips’ (generally anti-Stone) article for USA Today:

Stone’s attorneys asked for a new trial earlier this month, after Trump first criticized the forewoman on Twitter. 

Stone’s attorney, Seth Ginsberg, argued that the juror gave either false or intentionally misleading answers about her views on Stone and her ability to be fair. Ginsberg cited the forewoman’s social media posts, saying they implied bias against the president and, by extension, against Stone. 

Ginsberg singled out a few social media posts, including a tweet sharing a news article about Stone’s arrest and indictment. “Brought to you by the lock her up peanut gallery,” the forewoman wrote.

In a lengthy, and at times tense exchange, Jackson repeatedly pressed Ginsberg on whether the juror’s negative views of the president meant she was biased against Stone. Having an opinion about Trump or on some of his policies does not mean the forewoman cannot be fair to Stone, Jackson said.

Also at issue is whether the forewoman failed to follow instructions during the trial and deliberations — including not reading news coverage of the case and sharing them with fellow jurors. 

If you want additional information about Judge Jackson’s behavior  – this time, from a website that is clearly pro-Trump – click here.  I don’t know this site and can’t speak for its veracity.  But there is so little coverage of the Trump side of things that I don’t have a lot of choices.  Here’s how it starts:

Hanging Judge Declares Roger Stone Jury Forewoman Didn’t “Technically” Lie; Declares That Calling Trump’s Supporters “Racist” Does Not Show Bias; Reads Stone’s Complaint in Mocking Tone

I again emphasize that I don’t know/can’t speak for the source.  So make of it what you will.

That said, let’s remember that Stone, like Paul Manafort, was rousted out of his bed in a pre-dawn swat operation instead of just being asked to come in – which both men almost certainly would have complied with…

…and Stone, like Manafort, was tried…while every anti-Trump liar, including comey, mccabe, strzok, page, brennan and clapper among others has never had to face a judge for one second.

Plus, let’s also remember that Judge Amy Berman Jackson – an Obama appointee who, based on her rulings, seems pretty obviously to have a strong dislike of pro-Trump people – has been the judge for double the number of Trump-related trials that a normal rotation would have yielded (she is one of four judges, but has gotten half the trials).

Is the message that, if you’re pro-Trump, this is what you have waiting for you, but if you’re anti-Trump you just get to skate?

You tell me.

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