Is President Trump on the cusp of completing a trade deal with China that will materially benefit the United States?

He seems to think so.  And, based on what you are about to read from the excerpts I’ve pulled from Donna Borak and Betsy Klein’s article at, China seems to be concurring:

President Donald Trump declared Monday he would participate in a “signing summit” with Chinese leader Xi Jinping as the world’s two largest economies edged closer to a trade deal.

It was yet another optimistic signal by the American President that a long-standing trade impasse that has resulted in a series of tit-for-tat tariffs may finally be nearing a close as negotiators inched closer to a 90-day deadline of March 1.
I told you last night — there was a lovely dinner — but I told you how well we did with our trade talks in China and it looks like they’ll be coming back quickly again, and we’re going to have another summit, we’re going to have a signing summit, which is even better, so hopefully we can get that completed, but we’re getting very, very close,” Trump told the nation’s governors at the White House.
In a tweet Sunday evening, Trump wrote he would delay an increase in tariffs on Chinese goods set to take effect at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, citing “substantial progress” on top priority issues for the administration tied to intellectual property and technology transfers after a weekend of talks.

Over the weekend, Chinese trade negotiators echoed Trump’s remarks, saying the countries’ teams had “achieved substantial progress on specific issues,” according to a statement released to Xinhua, China’s state news agency.

What if this is more than Trumpian bravado.  What if he is correct?  What if his strategy of “we’ll do it right back and more” to a country that, in his view, relied so heavily on the United States for its economy it had to succomb to a better deal, bears fruit?

Will CNN, which hates Trump like a snake hates a mongoose, congratulate Mr. Trump?  Talk the deal up?  Will other media follow suit?

Will they remind us that this success comes on the heels of getting NATO members to pay up something near their share of the organization’s costs, shaming Germany’s Angela Merkel into buying energy from the USA instead of Russia, and scrapping, then renegotiating NAFTA?

Will they compare it to the track record of other presidents, and acknowledge that the number of successes we have had in just two years is singular?  Nothing short of astonishing?

Boy do I hope we have the opportunity to find out.

Meanwhile, all we can do is wait and see.  A deal that is not finalized is no deal at all.  So the enthusiasm this should generate remains on hold.

Until then, I am cautiously hopeful that Mr. Trump will soon be able to describe another “lovely dinner”, when he can tell us all about it.

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  • Ken, you know the answer as well as I do. If Trump cured cancer the media would report that Trump put 10,000 doctors out of work.

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