IS 313,000 HIGHER THAN 200,000?

The latest job report just came out.

Analysts (who are always right, right?) predicted an increase of about 200,000 non-farm jobs.  That would have been very good.

The actual number (subject to subsequent revision, up or down) is 313,000.

And unemployment is again at 4.1%.

Is that maxim, “it’s the economy, stupid” still operable?

Because, if it is, this is about the worst political news Democrats could possibly have.

But not to worry.  They have DACA and Stormy Daniels.  That’s certainly going to be more important to voters than more jobs and more money in their pockets.  Honest.

Sarcasm aside, what a sad commentary it is that this news, which is so good for the country, is so bad for Democrats’ election prospects.  It would be good if some of those Democrats reflected on what this says about where they are these days.

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