Has Iran been cheating all along on the “deal” it cut with Barack Obama and John Kerry to end its nuclear ambitions?  The “deal” that freed up hundreds of billions of dollars to Tehran?

Before you answer, please read the following excerpts from Clyde Hughes’ article for United Press International (UPI):

A non-profit global science and security group says in a new report that Iran has built a plant to produce nuclear weapons despite its insistence that all its atomic endeavors are wholly peaceful.

The Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Science and International Security said the 30-page report is based on documents from the Iran Nuclear Archive that were seized by Israel two years ago.

The analysis, posted Wednesday, said Tehran has “clearly” been dishonest with the International Atomic Energy Agency, which relies on government cooperation and onsite inspections.

The report says Iran created the Shahid Mahallati Uranium Metals Workshop, near Tehran, to research and develop uranium metallurgy related to building nuclear weapons — particularly components for weapons-grade uranium, the key explosive material in Iranian nuclear weapon cores.

If this is true, would it surprise you?

I hope not, since Iran has not been in the business of honoring agreements for over 40 years – since the fanatics currently running the show took over.

Remember, the intelligence used to make this analysis was seized in 2018, when, from the way this reads, this plant was already in operation.

On May 8th of that year, President Trump negated the deal (too bad he couldn’t retrieve the money Obama and Kerry caused to be sent over there – money which funded Iran’s prolific commitment to international terrorism).  Assuming the above information is correct, he was 100% justified in doing so.  If anything, he should have acted even sooner.

In any event, there’s the information, as compiled by Israel, and what it means, as analyzed by the Institute for Science and International Security – which has been around for almost 30 years and appears to be a highly credible organization. 

I will end with my most insincere “thanks” to President Obama and John Kerry for producing the Iral “deal”.  Great job, guys.  Quite an accomplishment for your résumés.

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