Maybe it’s my imagination, but…

For months, it seemed like barely a day went by without Adam Schiff’s face on one or another of the network and/or cable news shows.

And now that the only reason we have not seen the Democrats’ “rebuttal” to the Nunes and Grassley/Graham memos is that Schiff, as ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, needs to perform the necessary redaction of classified information – information he knew would cause it to be held up – he has become invisible.

Where is Adam Schiff?  And where is the rebuttal – in a form that it could actually be issued?  It was all of 10 pages long:  what could possibly be holding it up…

…other than the likelihood that it does not refute a damn thing in the Nunes or Grassley/Graham memos?

Funny thing, though:  when Schiff issued the “rebuttal memo” and Trump refused to issue it because of the classified material it contained, you couldn’t avoid him on TV telling us that this “proved Trump had something to hide”.   But now, with the redaction of classified material being the only thing holding it up, it has been weeks and we are not seeing either the document or Schiff.

So tell me:  who is really holding the “rebuttal memo” up and who really has something to hide?

I won’t ask when mainstream media will start asking the same questions I just asked.  Based on their performance over the past two years, why would I expect them to at all?

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