…we have this, from conservative activist-writer Shane Trejo of

Anya Adeola, who works as the election integrity watchdog for Facebook, had previously worked as an advisor to former vice president Joe Biden before taking a role with the tech giant.

Before joining Facebook, Adeola worked as special policy adviser for Europe and Eurasia to Biden while he was vice president. In addition to working under Biden, she served as a senior policy adviser to United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, director for Russia with the National Security Council, and chief of staff for European and NATO policy in the Secretary of Defense. This veteran globalist operative is stacking the deck against President Trump in her role with Facebook.

The article goes on to cite examples of how Ms. Adeola is skewing facebook’s decisions in favor of Joe Biden.

Is this true?  I am not that familiar with Shane Trejo and can’t say for sure.

But if it is – and I have to say it seems that way – it certainly explains a lot about facebook and its’ policies, doesn’t it?

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