In case you’re wondering whether the antifa/BLM “peaceful protests” are continuing

…read and view this compilation put together by the staff at Washington Free Beacon.

Trust me:  you won’t wonder anymore.

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  • For four years the Media have been reporting negatively about Trump.
    This same Media are now reporting that Trump is losing in many states, including ones he won last time.
    For the people who still rely on the Media this makes sense. After all, in their minds Trump has done nothing good since ‘stealing’ the election.
    So, if Trump loses, they won’t be surprised.
    If Trump wins, they will be outraged.

    What We, the readers of these comments know.
    Trump didn’t steal the election.
    The Media are liars and are basically seditious.
    Democrats have changed the rules to make cheating easier.
    Those same rule changes will, regardless of the outcome, make for reasons to contest the outcome.
    Democrats have been using violent mobs to disrupt life for everyone and will continue until they get their way.
    They don’t try to hide their intentions; we know what they mean when they say ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

    Many of us saw what they did in the 2018 election, they kept finding votes and counting them until their candidate took the lead, then they stopped and declared victory. Then the Democrat Secretary of State signed off on it.
    I fear 2018 was a prelude to what is going to be done in 2020.

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