…take a look at this – courtesy of the invaluable website:

Tehran billboard shows destroyed US, Israeli ships, reads: ‘We drowned them all’
The billboard, put up in Tehran’s commercial center, shows destroyed American and Israeli ships in a “sea” made of a Palestinian keffiyehs, with an image of the Dome of the Rock in the background.

That clear enough for you?

If not, be sure to add in the government-run “demonstrations” in Tehran where the people are encouraged to chant “Death to America!  Death to Israel”

Then please remember that these are the nice folks Barack Obama unfroze $150 billion dollars for, and handed it to them – trying to do it in secret so you wouldn’t know about it.   They are also the nice folks Obama and then-Secretary of State John Kerry cut a nuclear “deal” with, which relied on their good intentions.

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