…let’s not give a free pass to the President of NBC’s news division, Andy Lack.  Because, via Ronan Farrow’s new book, “Catch and Kill”, the accusations of serial sexual harassment, by at least two women at the network – former news anchor Jane Wallace and Associate Producer Jennifer Laird – are out there for him too

Excerpted from an October 10th article by Mike Brest in the Washington Examiner:

Wallace alleged that Lack was “almost unrelenting” in asking her out “every day for almost a month” according to the book. She also alleged that their sexual relationship was consensual, but that “I didn’t just get flirted with. I got worked over.”

“If your boss does that, what are you gonna say?” Wallace told Farrow. “You know if you say ‘I don’t want to celebrate with you,’ you’re asking for trouble.”

“As she left the show, she recalled him yelling, ‘You will never get credit,’” Farrow wrote.

Farrow’s book also reports that Lack had a “relationship” with Jennifer Laird, a young associate producer, and that when it ended he turned “hostile.”

The word “consensual” is defined as “involving or based on mutual consent”.  But that implies equality in the capability to consent.  If your co-worker, sitting at the next desk aggressively pushes to have a sexual relationship, you can tell that co-worker to bug off.  If the head of your organization, who can fire you at will, aggressively pushes to have a sexual relationship, that’s a very different story.

And if there is one thing we keep learning over and over and over again, it is that media – very much including the network media which keep piously attacking politicians they don’t like for sexual impropriety – is a seething hotbed of exactly this kind of sexual impropriety.

How many of this bunch decry such behavior in front of the cameras – but, when the cameras are off, either personally engage in it, or look the other way when others around them do?

The hypocrisy level is breathtaking.

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