Here is another example of life in today’s New York City under comrade De Blasio.

First watch this video of a street thug sucker-punching a New York City police officer…

…and then be aware that the street thug who did this was released with no bail.

That’s right.  This is not a satire blog, or a test to see if you’re paying attention.  It actually happened this past week.

I urge you to use the link I’ve provided, read all about it, and read the compilation of other outrages against uniformed police that are going similarly unpunished.

New York, under bill de blasio,  has become a go-free zone for criminals.  Including violent criminals.  Including violent criminals who attack law enforcement officers.  And Jews.

This is insane.  It can’t stay this way…

…or can it?

As long as New Yorkers vote in lunatic-left jokes like bill de blasio, it will stay this way, and probably get even worse.

Speaking as a Jew who grew up in New York City, worked there for many years, is in town on a regular base to this day, and remembers when – not so long ago – at least some level of civil behavior was required of its citizens, this makes me sick to my stomach.

So what will it be going forward?  Have New Yorkers learned their lesson?  Will the next Mayor they put in office work to reverse this nightmare, or perpetuate and expand it?

Personally, I’m afraid of the answer.

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