Two days ago, Hillary Clinton blew up at a Bernie Sanders supporter who accused her of accepting money from the fossil fuel industry.  Ms. Clinton’s exact words:

“I do not have – I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies. I am so sick – I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me.  I’m sick of it”

Let’s stop here and see if she’s right.

From Nolan McCaskill’s article at

According to a fact check, it is true that Clinton’s campaign hasn’t accepted donations directly from the industry — doing so would violate campaign law — and she hadn’t gotten contributions from PACs affiliated with the industry, either. But she has received more than $330,000 from oil and gas industry employees.

Sanders’ campaign said Thursday evening that Clinton has relied heavily on donations from oil and gas lobbyists and again called on her to accept Sanders’ proposal to debate in New York ahead of its April 19 primary.

“It’s no wonder that back in December Clinton refused to agree to stop accepting money from the fossil fuel industry when pressed at a town hall, saying, ‘I’m not going to do a litmus test on them,’” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said in a statement. “If Secretary Clinton wants to discuss this and other important issues she should stop stalling and agree to a debate in New York before the April 19 primary election.”

In other words, if you want to get really technical, Ms. Clinton is right.  If  you want to talk real, she is doing what she seems to do best…lying to our faces.

And how is Bernie Sanders reacting to this insult?

From Elizabeth Landers’ article at

In an unusually direct move, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday called on Hillary Clinton to apologize to him for saying that his campaign is lying about her relationship with fossil fuel money.

“Secretary Clinton owes us an apology. We were not lying. We were telling the truth,” the Vermont senator said during a standard section of his stump speech here.
“The truth is that Secretary Clinton has relied heavily on funds from lobbyists working for the oil, gas and coal industry. According to an analysis done by Greenpeace, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her super PAC have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry,” he said.


Ok, what do we have here?

Hillary Clinton says she gets nothing from the fossil fuel industry and calls Sanders’ people liars.

Factcheck (usually pretty Democrat friendly, in my opinion) says she is sidestepping the truth and has gotten more than $330,000.

Sanders says that when you add in the lobbyists, that soars to $4.5 million dollars.

Remember how friendly the competition was between Hillary Clintona and Bernie Sanders…when Hillary didn’t think Sanders had any chance of winning?

Funny how that changed when it became competitive.  Now she’s angrily name-calling, and he’s demanding apologies.

Remind you of any other political party in the news recently?

All one of them needs to do now is dye his or her hair blonde/orange, and comb it over a few times….(of the two, I prefer Bernie – he’d look funnier…besides, Hillary, with Trump-length blonde hair, is part of the way there already).


  • I don’t see the lie here, she says
    “I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies.”.
    What am i missing???

    • free – if a Bernie Sanders supporter on a meet-and-greet line can fluster her that badly, what do you suppose she will sound like when it’s Vladimir Putin?

      • Ken, i would think it would be even worse than the video of the reset button moment. She is an awful person, but i still don’t see where she lied about the oil money.

  • free – one of two things appears to be true: either she misspoke and meant to say “I do not have – I don’t have money…”, or she meant it as stated, to suggest that the only fossil fuel money she has is from individuals who, by coincidence, work for such companies….(really? $330,000 worth, that coincidentally comes from people whose livelihood depends on these companies, and they all “know” how little she thinks of their employers?).

    Regardless of which it is, if Sanders is even partly correct, is a disingenuous, fraudulent response.

    To tell you the truth, I’m having a lot of trouble finding the positive part of what she said.

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