You might want to read the following excerpts from Seema Mehta and Evan Halper’s article for the Los Angeles Times:

Democrats have a new dilemma as election day approaches: They are running out of places to spend their mountains of cash.

In the three months ending Sept. 30, Jaime Harrison brought in a record-breaking $57 million in his effort to take down an ally of President Trump, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Former astronaut Mark Kelly raised nearly $36 million in his Arizona race to unseat GOP Sen. Martha McSally. Amy McGrath, facing an uphill battle against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, raised a similar amount. In some cases, these candidates entered their campaigns as major underdogs.

Between June 1 and Sept. 30, Democratic Senate candidates raised $386 million and GOP candidates raised $154 million, with Harrison raising the most of any Senate candidate in a three-month period ever, according to fundraising disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday. Much of it was through small donors, and much of the money flowed from California’s large number of political contributors.

Does that read as if the uber-rich silicon valley leftists are buying elections throughout the country – not just the presidency, but senate seats and who knows what else?

I hope so.  Because that is exactly what is happening.

And, yes, these are some of the same people who, just this past week, were literally banning the exchange of information about Joe Biden’s dirty dealings with son Hunter, and their genuinely scary ties to the Communist China government.

When I was growing up, life was simple.  Republicans were the rich guys and Democrats were the working people.

Anyone who still buys into that premise is living in a world long gone.

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  • When I was growing up, life was simple.

    We didn’t have the internet, so the media companies could lie to us about whatever they wanted and we had no way to know any different.

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