As readers of this  blog know, I have written a number of times about the fix being in for Hillary Clinton.

It doesn’t take much to figure this out; especially given the fact that something like 95% of the superdelegates picked by the Debbie Wasserman Schultz-led DNC are supporting her (did I mention DWS was the co-chair of Clinton’s 2008 campaign?).

But in case there is any lingering doubt, please read these opening paragraphs from Adam Edelman’s article in the (very Democrat-friendly) New York Daily News:

Maybe the system really is rigged.

At least a half-dozen Democratic superdelegates in New York State who have already decided to support Hillary Clinton said Tuesday they would maintain their allegiance to her — regardless of the results of the Empire State’s primary.

Even if Sanders were to win the April 19 New York presidential contest, when a whopping 247 delegates are at stake, every single New York superdelegate reached by the Daily News said they would never back the Vermont senator.

“Absolutely not,” Elizabeth Stanley, the chief of staff for Westchester County Rep. Nita Lowey, told the Daily News when asked if she could see “any potential situation at all” resulting in her boss switching her support from Clinton to Sanders.

See, it doesn’t matter how Bernie Sanders does.  This game is rigged.  The fix is in.  The deck is stacked.

So even after winning 6 of the last seven primaries, and being poised to either come close or win Wisconsin outright next week, it doesn’t really matter.

I have attacked the Daily News often in this blog.  But today I commend the paper for telling a truth about what is going on in the Democrat presidential race that most mainstream media are doing their best to avoid.

Now maybe the Daily News can parlay that into a demand – a LOUD one – that she release transcripts of her speeches to all those Wall Street firms she claims she will go after as President, but got rich while speaking to.

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  • It’s funny how little coverage is afforded to this actual nomination process, when so much is being written about the possibility of the R’s dumping Trump at the convention.

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