“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” : Hosea 8:7 

For years, the Obama administration – Joe Biden Vice President – made a point of telling us how avidly, how aggressively, it deported illegal aliens.

But the Democrat Party, among its leftward lurches, now is the party of open borders and no deportations – even for illegals who perform criminal acts.   It is the party of driver’s licenses for illegals, free health care, etc.

And now, as Joe Biden runs for his party’s nomination, those years of his administration touting its claim of rigorous border enforcement is coming back to bite him.

The latest example, as summarized in Nikki Schwab’s article for London’s Daily Mail:

  • Vice President Joe Biden was screamed at by a bunch of undocumented immigrant women asking him to commit to halting deportations 
  • The confrontation happened as Biden was taking photos with the overflow crowd outside a Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas’ Chinatown neighborhood 
  • About 10 women from United We Dream Action arrived with a banner that said ‘Biden Commit 2 Stop All Deportations’ 
  • Biden went back inside the restaurant to engage with more voters as the women continued to chant and tell their stories to press  

How’d you like to be Joe Biden, having to reconcile the administration he was #2 person in with the Joe Biden of today?

Biden’s one potential saving grace is that Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, etc. are probably far more interested in taking down Michael “Mike Can Buy It” Bloomberg than in going after the already-rapidly sinking Biden candidacy.

It’s a bad situation when the best thing you’ve got going for you is that you’ve become an also-ran.

Elective office-wise, this virtually-certain-to-fail presidential attempt is most likely Biden’s last hurrah.  The only issue, it appears, is whether he will end with his 32 year streak (Biden’s first presidential run was back in 1988) of never having won even one state’s Democrat primary intact.

Quite a legacy.

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