Elizabeth Heng is a young, Republican woman running for congress in California’s 16th district.

She and her family are refugees from Cambodia.  And in that context she put a video up on Facebook detailing how they lived and how they fled to the United States.  It starts with several stark images of what happened in her native country

Here is the video:

Very disturbing.  But 100% true and 100% germane to her life story.

But the people who might have seen it on Facebook never got the chance.  Because it was blocked.

Why?  Here’s the answer, in Facebook’s own words:

With the above in mind, you might want to look at/listen to this.  It is a video of louis farrakhan attacking homosexuality and invoking hate-filled – and ignorant – “information” against not only gay people but Jews and Whites:

The Origin of Homosexuality

Do you know where Homosexuality began?

Posted by Minister Louis Farrakhan on Monday, 28 May 2018

Facebook has never taken this down. Or any of his other equally hate-filled, ignorant rants.

Anyone who thinks social media, like Facebook (and it is far from the only one) does not decide what is acceptable and what is blocked, based on which groups they do and do not want to have a voice – i.e. give the “acceptable side” the floor, suppress the “unacceptable” side – is living in a dream world.

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  • Some good news, they reinstated her video.
    More bad news though.

    Terrorist Filth by Fatah, FARC, Al-Muwahideen and Al-Awlaki Still Litters the Platform

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