…make it Daniel Greenfield’s just-published piece at his sultanknish.com website.

Mr. Greenfield first summarizes the extensive – and I do mean extensive – list of threatened and carried-out violence which has taken place against Republicans and conservatives over the past year.

He then points out the breathtaking hypocrisy of our media, in cherry picking only violence they can attempt to blame – sometimes legitimately, sometimes not – on the right.

And he finishes with this:

Democrats and their media allies have sanctioned violence against Republicans. They’ve defended harassment and even assaults as activism. They have embraced and celebrated hate groups. The mob culture they have brought forth is fundamentally changing the rules of American politics. 

Once political terror is unleashed, it can’t be controlled or compartmentalized.

Leftists, who have written a bloody history of political terror from Europe to South America, from the Middle East and across Asia, and right back to America, ought to know that better than anyone else. 

The Left has made it its mission to destroy America. This is what destroying a country looks like. 

In academia, there is glib talk of overturning Western civilization. But without civilization, there is only savagery.

The mad toll of death threats and assaults, of shootings and harassment was unleashed by the Left. The hectoring media has made millions from it. Fortunes have poured into the war chests of radical Democrats. They can make it stop. Or they can go on feeding the beast while blaming conservatives.

Do you think Mr. Greenfield’s assessment is exaggerated?  Overly harsh?

If so, I beg you to use the link I’ve provided above (in fact, here it is again), and read the extensive list of events which it is based on.

Then ask yourself how many of these incidents you have ever heard about – i.e. how many of them were suppressed by the same media which Mr. Greenfield indicts.

If the answer is almost all of them – and I would bet plenty that it is – then think about what that tells you.  Think about the power wielded by a media so firmly entrenched in the camp of one political side; how what it covers and what it suppresses molds your ability to form opinions and the opinions themselves.  Think about how easily you, and others, can be played under such circumstances.

This is exactly what I have been talking about for years in this blog, and what Daniel Greenfield has so effectively made clear in his commentary.

It is time – far past time – for some of us to wake up and understand things as they are.

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  • It is time – far past time – for some of us to wake up and understand things as they are.

    I believe those of us that read this blog are awake and understand quite well. The problem is how do we wake our friends and family??? Every time I try to tell them what is going on they look at me like I am speaking a foreign language. This is so dastardly that most people can’t believe it.

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