….what would you call just about any Donald Trump rally?

On Saturday, Bernie Sanders, who – amazingly – seems, at least at this point, unaffected by last month’s heart attack, held a rally in Queensbridge Park – Just across the Ed Koch/Queensboro bridge from Manhattan.

The weather was beautiful, the location was ideal (right near tons of public housing, which assured that many people would be in the park even if there were no political rally), and he had guest “stars” like Michael Moore and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to boom up crowd size.

The result?  Whether for Sanders or just to be in the park on a beautiful weekend fall day, An estimated 25,000 or so people showed up.  It is being touted as the largest crowd for any Democrat candidate so far – eclipsing Elizabeth Warren’s 20,000 – 22,000 in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park last month.

My congratulations to Mr. Sanders for proving definitively that on a beautiful weekend day, he can draw this many people in an open park in New York City.

Call me a cockeyed optimist, but this makes me reasonably confident that New York City will go Democrat next year.

By comparison, last week, President Trump held a rally on a rainy Thursday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota – a city that is decidedly not Republican.  It was an indoor rally, not in an open park.  The Mayor of Minneapolis made it as difficult as possible to even hold the rally.  And there was no doubt that the violent fascistic street thugs known as “antifa” were going to be attacking rally attendees as they came into Target Center, and especially as they left.

Yet despite these far less than stellar circumstances, Trump drew a capacity crowd (about 20,000), with – by his (almost certainly bloated) estimate) another 25,000 who could not get in outside the center as well.  Even if Trump exaggerated the overflow crowd to double its size, the attendance was well over 30,000.

What does this mean?  Hard to say.  But if I were a Democrat strategist that would be a pretty sobering comparison.

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