….I guess, improbable (maybe impossible is the right word) though it seems, Kellyanne Conway can stay married to her husband George.

Mary Matalin was a major Republican operative who served under president Reagan and the elder and younger Bush (she has since become a Libertarian).  James Carville was a major Democrat operative who was, to a great degree, the brains behind Bill Clinton becoming President.  And they have been married for the past 26 years.

Kellyanne Conway is a major Republican operative – the first woman who ever ran a successful presidential campaign (for which she gets absolutely no credit from either so-called “women’s groups” or our media). George Conway is a successful lawyer, who was considered – then turned down – as Solicitor General by President Trump, and apparently has hated him ever since for it.

Kellyanne Conway, today, remains a senior adviser to President Trump.  George Conway is now being touted as an “informal adviser” to Trump challenger Joe Walsh.

If these two ever invite me to dinner, I’m coming.  Not for the food, but for the conversation.  I’ll be sure to wear a black and white striped shirt.


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