..how can he have done something as absolutely knuckleheaded as placing the G7 summit at his own hotel, the Trump Doral in Miami?

Trump is busy defending himself against charges that the reason he asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden was to dig up dirt on the (at least as of now) leading Democrat presidential candidate –  i.e. for personal gain.

So what does he do while in the midst of that defense?  He puts a high profile event, with huge potential profits for the hotel it is held in, at a hotel he and his family own and therefore profit from.

I cannot even begin to fathom what would have possessed him to do this, or why his staff didn’t go ballistic in trying to dissuade him from doing it (for all we know, they did and he rejected their arguments).

Unless President Trump provides an ironclad commitment that the entire event will be at cost – not one penny of profit for Trump & Co. – or that all profits will be donated to significant charities – he has handed his enemies on the Democrat (and, in some cases, Republican) side an opening big enough to send a fleet of 18 wheelers through.

This is smart?  Not where I come from.  And I come from the same New York City borough Trump does.

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  • Did Trump even have a say in where this is held? Doesn’t the State Department handle that type of thing? Could this be how they get rid of him? Can we trust the media to tell us the truth about any of this?

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