And these are the ones who call Donald Trump a racist?

Excerpted from Julia Marsh’s article for the New York Post:

A coalition of women’s groups is attacking CNN for failing to select a single woman of color to moderate the Democratic debates.

“We have the most diverse pool of presidential candidates in our country’s history including the third black woman to seek the Democratic nomination, yet the debate stage has left out an important voice at the moderator’s table,” said Glynda C. Carr, president of Higher Heights for America, an organization dedicated to putting black women in positions of political power.

“Debate moderators have an important role to play in shaping public perceptions of candidates, so including more women moderators is an important first step for the networks during these debates,” said Anna Chu of the National Women’s Law Center.

A CNN spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A rep for the Democratic National Committee that organizes the debates also didn’t respond.

Carr, Chu and the third member of their coalition — Shaunna Thomas of the feminist group UltraViolet Action — are circulating a petition demanding that women of color moderate future debates.

Translation:  this has nothing to do with capability, seniority or audience recognition.  If you don’t have people of this color and that gender on the stage, we’re going to war.

But we’re against racism and sexism.  Honest.  Just ask us.

Anyone want to bet on whether CNN caves in to this bunch?

At what point, I wonder, do people on the left start fighting back?  At what point do they tell this bunch that skin color and personal plumbing do not supersede everything else – and people who demand as much are every bit as racist and sexist as the ones they protest?

Not yet, apparently.

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