….they are still “covering” the Rob Porter story.

Let me help the CNN folks out:  the story, in its entirety, is that Rob Porter, a former aide to President Trump, resigned last week after his two ex-wives came forward and said he was abusive to them.  Porter denies the allegations.

That’s it.  That’s everything.  There is nothing else.

But, on the other hand, providing nonstop coverage of Rob Porter does mean CNN is not covering the mountain of evidence indicating Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and their cronies at the FBI and DOJ lied about the opposition research used against candidate Donald Trump and then withheld salient information about the Steele dossier to mislead a FISA court judge and get the current going-nowhere Mueller investigation Star Chamber in place.

So I guess it does serve a purpose.  A very important one if you’re at CNN.

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