Hunter is now the hunted.  And we’re not talking impeachment….yet.

From Andrew Kerr’s article at

An Arkansas judge ordered Hunter Biden on Monday to appear before a court Jan. 29 to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for his failure to produce information about his finances in relation to a heated child support dispute.

The order came the same day an attorney for the mother of Hunter Biden’s child, Lunden Roberts, accused Hunter Biden of failing to abide by a court-mandated deadline to disclose a deluge of information, including a list of all companies he owns or controls, his sources of income and employers for the past five years, unredacted copies of his tax returns, copies of deeds to properties he owns and more.

Hunter Biden has even refused to provide the address in which he resides and his telephone number, Roberts’s attorney Clinton Lancaster said in his filing Monday.

A DNA test confirmed in November 2019 that Hunter Biden is the biological father of Roberts’s 16-month-old child.

About the last thing on God’s green earth that Hunter Biden – and especially his father, Joe – wants is for those finances to be made public.

Because if they are, we will then see how much young Mr. Biden extracted from Burisma, from China, etc….

…and we will see the dates that money was extracted – which, I am betting. align very nicely with when daddy Joe held dominion over the people handing it over.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the information that ended Joe Biden’s presidential run – and his political career altogether – would come not from Republicans, but from the behavior of the son whose money sources he is so desperately trying to shield from scrutiny.

As of this moment, if I were Joe Biden I would be far more worried about Judge Holly Meyer than I would be of the judges in the senate.

And – without casting any specific aspersions – if I were Judge Holly Meyer I would, figuratively speaking, be sleeping with one eye open.

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