One of the more fascinating aspects of House Democrats’ year-long siege of President Trump, is the effect it is having on whether they can retain the majority status which enables them to do so.

In this connection, here is the beginning of Sarah Ferris and Ally Mutnick’s article for, which touches on this touchy issue:

Vulnerable Democrats are watching in horror as GOP impeachment attacks deluge their districts back home. And they want a much stronger counteroffensive from their own party and its allies.

Some of those Democrats raised their concerns with party leaders this week as they prepared to leave for Thanksgiving recess, fearing that voters will be bombarded by anti-impeachment ads as families gather around the TV for parades and football, according to multiple lawmakers and aides.

GOP-aligned outside groups have spent roughly $8 million on TV spots this cycle in battleground districts, such as Rep. Anthony Brindisi’s central New York seat. The vast majority of those ads specifically hammer Democrats over impeachment.

Meanwhile, swing-district Democrats are receiving little reinforcement from their own party or even other liberal coalitions. 

In the past week, several polls have indicated that voter sentiment – most significantly, independent (i.e. “swingometric”) voter sentiment – is turning against the impeachment fiasco.  But, unless more politically savvy heads prevail (I would put Nancy Pelosi – who never wanted any part of this fiasco – among them), the fiasco is going to continue.

And every day of this fruitless wild goose chase – fruitless because there is no way it can succeed in the senate – is a day these vulnerable congresspeople, who are the reason Democrats have a majority in the House, will be in greater jeopardy.

They want articles of impeachment, followed by a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate – where Republicans rather than Democrats control the gavel and can subpoena the witnesses adam schiff was able to suppress – like they want chronic diarrhea.

But the schiff contingent, currently in ascendancy, is determined that they are going to get it.

adam schiff, Eric Swalwell, Jim Himes etc. – the prime movers in this fool’s errand – are in safe Democrat seats.  They are not going to be out of a job next election day.

Maybe they should be thinking just a bit about their fellow Democrats who can’t say the same, and that the loss of those Democrats just might deprive them of the majority they now enjoy….if their hatred of Trump, and Republicans in general, allows them to think at all.


  • Meanwhile, swing-district Democrats are receiving little reinforcement from their own party

    I saw a report yesterday that the DNC is broke. That may have something to do with the lack of support.

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