Yesterday, peter strzok (or, given his demeanor, is it szmirk) came across as exactly what he is.  An amoral, lying scumbag who thinks his deep-state status makes him immune to any kind of retribution (which, sickeningly, he may be right about).

strzok is so full of crap that even a few (not many, but a few) mainstream media people acknowledge as much.

What to do, what to do.

The answer?  Roll out your back-up plan.

Trot rod rosenstein out to announce – the timing is just coincidental, mind you – that a dozen or so Russian nationals are being indicted for hacking the DNC and otherwise trying to push the election away from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

The fact that these Russians will never show up in a US courtroom, so this is an obvious exercise in futulity?  Who cares.

THe fact that, in any event, rosenstein  covered his slimy ass by mentioning that no Americans are being indicted or charged and there is no evidence that the “hacking” (what does that even mean?) affected the vote outcome in any way?

Doesn’t matter.

Mainstream media, eager to deflect from the stzrok fiasco, already have jumped all over this, along with a bunch of Democrats (Chuck Schumer and Mark Warner are among the first) howling that this is an outrage, a disgrace and Trump should not meet with Putin (oh yeah, the timing put this right at the point where that meeting will take place; what an amazing coincidence).

If you want to see how the deep state operates, in all its ugliness, you need look no further than this.

No wonder strzok szmirked.

I despair for the country I used to know.


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