How furious as the Chicago police department about jussie smollett?

This furious:

CWBChicago put in a Freedom of Information Act request for the Chicago police force’s investigation materials on jussie smollett.

Usually, such requests take a good deal of time to be fulfilled.

This one was fulfilled the very next day. And CWBChicago has quickly made it public for all to see.

If anyone has even the slightest doubt regarding the sincerity of Chicago Superintendent of police, Eddie Johnson’s outrage over smollett’s free pass, this should put it to rest.

As for smollett himself, yesterday I  read a comment suggesting he is now the new OJ Simpson. Yeah, he got away with it, but everyone knows he’s guilty and that is the way he will be seen for the rest of his life.

That’s an excellent point, isn’t it?

Hey, maybe that free pass isn’t so free after all.

I hope not.

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