I realize that the title of this blog is especially provocative.  But it is eminently deserved.

Please click here to read Paul Mirengoff’s article and you will understand why it is there…and why, if you care at all about journalistic integrity, it will make you want to throw up.

Meanwhile, here are excerpts – more than I would usually put up (sorry, Paul), but only a fraction of what you’ll get from the entire article.  Please do yourself the service of using my link and reading every word:

Late last week the Star Tribune posted its top 10 most-read Minnesota news stories of 2019. Coming in at number 1 is “New documents revisit questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage history,” by Patrick Coolican and Stephen Montemayor.

Ilhan Omar “married” Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009. In 2016, when Omar was still “married” to Elmi and Omar was running for the state legislature, the Star Tribune took note of the ruckus we had raised in this story by Coolican dated August 16, 2016.

Coolican called me for a comment on the farcical statement that Goldfarb crafted for Omar on her then-secret marriage. I asked Patrick: “Who do they say he is?” He responded: “They won’t tell me.” By this time, however, to the great relief of the Omar campaign crisis committee, Coolican had assured Goldfarb that the Star Tribune would not be pursuing “the brother angle” (as Goldfarb put it in an email to the crisis committee).

The Star Tribune took its first serious look at the story behind the “crisis” in its most-read story of 2019. It drew on the campaign finance board investigative file to treat the story in some depth. Coolican and Montemayor all but begged Omar and her real husband and her father for an interview.

Omar not only declined, she issued yet another farcical statement, this one through spokesman Jeremy Slevin. 

When the Star Tribune finally got around to a serious exploration of the possible Omar frauds in its June 23 page-one story, it failed to find a single fact supporting Omar’s denials. 

The Star Tribune is Omar’s hometown newspaper. It has failed to follow up on its most-read story of 2019. 

The Star Tribune has failed to report on the fallout from the news of Omar’s affair within the Somali community. It has failed to advance the “brother angle” of the story in any respect since June 23.

The story is still out there for the asking in Minneapolis’s Somali community. Wouldn’t a real newspaper want to stay on this story long enough to bring it to a conclusion one way or the other?

Yes, Mr. Mirengoff, a real newspaper would have stayed on this story.  But the Minneapolis Star-Tribune apparently is so journalistically compromised that…

…even after getting the goods on ilhan omar – a repulsive, dishonest, anti-Semitic hypocrital, home-wrecking low-life of the first order who, based on the Star-Tribune’s own article, should probably be in jail instead of congress – it still is perfectly willing to look the other way.

That’s not a newspaper to me.  Not even close.  And it has some nerve to claim otherwise.


  • My parents subscribed to both the Minneapolis Tribune in the morning and the Minneapolis Star in the afternoon before they finally combined into the Star-Tribune. That paper was a part of my family for as long as it has been published. I subscribed to it as well, but in 2000 I had enough. Their shameless cheerleading for the Democrat candidate for Senate that year, Mark Dayton, and the equally shameless smearing of his Republican opponent, incumbent Rod Grams, a very good man, finally crossed the line and I canceled. Haven’t looked back.

  • I understand perfectly. After growing up with The New York Times, then personally subscribing for 48 years, I canceled it for the same reason.

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