Now, along with the michael cohen hearings –  perfectly timed to distract voters from President Trump’s summit talks with kim jung-un, we have a woman coming forward to accuse him of sexual foul play.

The woman, Alva Johnson, was a campaign worker for President Trump in Florida and, three years ago, before a campaign event, and in front of other people, he (gasp!!!) kissed her.

He didn’t grab her by any private parts or proposition her, he kissed her in public – presumably to thank her for her efforts on his behalf.

And this apparently earth-shattering transgression has now, three years after the fact, been a featured segment on MSNBC’s “All In” show, followed by a feature article by Steven Proctor of

A few excerpts for you:

Former Trump campaign staffer Alva Johnson joined All In With Chris Hayes Tuesday night and spoke about the lawsuit she filed against Donald Trump on Monday. In the lawsuit, Johnson alleges that Trump kissed her without consent before a campaign event in August of 2016, and that she was grossly underpaid while working on the campaign. Of the unwanted kiss, Johnson said she’d given Trump words of encouragement before the event and that after a brief exchange he went in for a kiss.

“He just starts getting closer, and then when I realize he was going to kiss my lips, I turn my mouth and he caught me right in the corner of my mouth, and I was just kind of frozen,” Johnson said. She went on to call the incident “gross and creepy.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed the claims, as did former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Trump’s Florida campaign director, Karen Giorno. According to the lawsuit, Bondi and Giorno were present at the time…

Johnson said she pushed the incident to the back of her head until several weeks later when the infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which Trump brags to Billy Bush about forcing himself on women, was released.

“When I heard the audio, I mean, I was like screaming at my car. Like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s exactly what he did to me,’” Johnson said. “Like, he literally described exactly what he did to me, minus the grab the P.”

Johnson never returned to work for the campaign…

Uh….didn’t the Access Hollywood tape have Trump talking about women allowing him (i.e. consenting to let him) feel their private parts?

Can someone explain how that coincides with Trump, at a public campaign rally, kissing a campaign worker on the corner of her mouth – in front of other Trump campaigners, which tells anyone with even the most minimal logic that he didn’t mean it as being inappropriate in any way.

Look I understand their frustration.  The Russian collusion story fell apart a long time ago and, though a supportive, complicit press allowed them to milk two years worth of BS innuendo out of it , it is now coming to a close.  But is this really the best they can come up with as an alternative?

Hey, robert mueller and his all-Democrat star chamber are about to be available.  Maybe they can work two years on this as well.

Anyone heard from stormy daniels and michael avenotti lately?

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  • Uh….didn’t the Access Hollywood tape have Trump talking about women allowing him (i.e. consenting to let him) feel their private parts?

    Ken, nope. It is even worse than that. What Trump said was that some women when they get around rich and famous people will do anything, even let you grab them by pussy. Never did he say that he had done that.

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