It would be hard to overstate my disgust while typing the above blog title.  But the question has to be asked.

And the reasons for asking this question lead to a second question:  who is most responsible for the degeneration of our Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into what amounts to a political operation?

In this connection, I strongly urge you to read Eli Lake’s article at  Mr. Lake provides a heads-up about what the FBI has become – one the networks and major newspapers have diligently avoided discussion of – that, I hope, makes you sick to your stomach.

A few excerpts for you:

On Tuesday, the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued a new report that found systematic errors of fact in the FBI’s applications for warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The memo does not speak to the materiality or significance of those errors — but they are startling nonetheless.

Out of 42 applications, the report says, 39 included major defects. All told, the inspector general uncovered 390 deficiencies, including “unverified, inaccurate, or inadequately supported facts, as well as typographical errors.”

The memo follows the report Horowitz issued in December that reviewed four FISA warrants for Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2106 presidential campaign. The bureau suspected him of being a Russian agent, but the report found that it repeatedly relied on an opposition research dossier to persuade the secret court to renew the surveillance warrant even after agents knew the dossier was riddled with errors. Rules that have been in place for nearly 20 years to verify the accuracy of facts presented in the warrant and include exculpatory information, known as the Woods procedures, were ignored.

Those applications were so troubling that Horowitz launched an audit of how the FBI was complying with its own rules in all FISA applications between October 2014 and September 2019. His conclusion is straightforward. “We do not have confidence that the FBI has executed its Woods procedures in compliance with FBI policy,” the report says.

The result is a system that relies almost exclusively on the FBI being scrupulous with its facts. Horowitz’s findings show that the bureau has been systematically unscrupulous.

How does that make you feel about the FBI?

And, more specifically, how do you feel about the way the FBI functioned during the Russian collusion witch-hunt…which was based on the BS Steele dossier referenced above, and should never, ever have been part of any legitimate investigation?

Based on the above, do you have the same trust in the FBI today that you did years ago?  If so, why?

Now, a key question:  which side of the political aisle benefited – or, at any rate, attempted to benefit – from this gross misuse of what used to be thought of as a non-partisan, honorable government organization?

I would love to see an investigation of how the FBI was transformed into its current status as a political too,l and who was responsible for it.

Frankly, I think I already know.

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