Remember when the Associated Press could be counted on for neutral reporting?

It’s been a while – as proven by John Hinderaker’s epic take-down of the AP’s report on the Grassley-Graham memo.

Here is just a part – which I am asking, even begging, that you don’t stop at, but click here to read the entire piece:

The Associated Press reported a few minutes ago: “Trump won’t declassify Democratic memo on Russia probe.” The article doesn’t live up to the headline.

Citing national security concerns, the White House on Friday formally notified the House intelligence committee that President Donald Trump is “unable” to declassify a memo drafted by Democrats that counters GOP allegations about abuse of government surveillance powers in the FBI’s Russia probe.

The president’s rejection of the Democratic memo is in contrast to his enthusiastic embrace of releasing the Republican document, which he pledged before reading to make public. The president declassified the document last week, allowing its publication in full.

President Trump declassified the Republican memo after it was revised to meet security objections, as well as objections by the Democrats. The same process is being followed here, at least as far as national security is concerned.

The disagreements have escalated over the last year as Democrats have charged that Republicans aren’t taking the panel’s investigation into Russian election meddling seriously enough. They say the GOP memo, led by chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is designed as a distraction from the probe, which is looking into whether Trump’s campaign was in any way connected to the Russian interference.

Actually, the “probe” was conceived as a distraction from what really happened, i.e., collusion between the Clinton campaign and the Russians, along with improper and potentially illegal efforts by senior Obama law enforcement officials to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election. That is how it looks now, anyway. But the AP is sticking to its story.

Trump declassified the GOP-authored memo over the objections of the FBI, which said it had “grave concerns” about the document’s accuracy.

The AP’s account is false. The FBI didn’t suggest that there was anything in the GOP memo that was inaccurate. Rather, it claimed that there were “omissions” from the memo that it would like to see filled in. Those are not doubts about the memo’s “accuracy.” In any event, the Democrats’ memo no doubt will incorporate  whatever information Democratic Party officials at the FBI and DOJ want added to the record.

In reading the dishonest crap being debunked by Mr. Hinderaker, it would be understandable to wonder if the AP were ever a real news organization, or just a stable of paid propagandists for Obama, Clinton and Co.

What a sad come-down for a once great source of neutral information.

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