Intolerably bad.  And, given who San Franciscans – the definition of gluttons for punishment – have elected as District Attorney, guaranteed to get worse.’s Paul Mirengoff has just posted a commentary about “Inside Edition” putting a car with things of valuable visibly inside it on a high-crime street in San Francisco (which one isn’t?).  In short order, the car was broken into and the items taken.

Inside Edition then used the trackers it had on those goods to find and confront the thief – who had no problem acknowledging he took them (why should he?  These kinds of crimes are no longer the subject of serious prosecution in SF).

But Inside Edition could not broadcast its story.  Why?  Because while its people were confronting the thieves, other thieves broke into their vehicle and stole their camera equipment.

I kid you not, this really happened.  Use the link I’ve provided and read all about it.

But that’s not the worst part of the story.  Mr. Mirengoff reserves the really bad news for the end of his commentary:

San Francisco has a new prosecutor, Chesa Boudin. His parents are murderers and he was raised by the notorious radicals (and criminals) Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Boudin has vowed to end “mass incarceration,” eliminate cash bail, refuse to cooperate with ICE, and prosecute ICE agents who violate sanctuary city laws. Boudin also wants to stop prosecuting so-called minor quality-of-life crimes.

In San Francisco, theft of anything under $950 in value was downgraded in 2014 from a felony to a misdemeanor, which probably explains the rash of smash and grabs. With Boudin in charge, I wonder whether the theft of thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment will be winked at by prosecutors, as they focus on prosecuting ICE agents and corporations adventurous enough to remain in the jurisdiction.

San Francisco is a formerly beautiful, desirable city that has – by design – been devolved into a sewer.  And the sewer is getting more rancid by the day.

I have very warm memories of my business and pleasure trips to San Francisco over the years.  Now, if I were offered a free trip there, I doubt that I would go.

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