The reason for that title?  Watch this video, pulled from WISN-Chicago’s website – it should be self-explanatory.

Gee golly gosh.  You scream out that someone sucks, and then insult him a second time when he’s within range…and – can you believe it – the guy you’re insulting takes offense.

I love that line “I remained calm, and said I was just trying to watch the game”.

See, when you’re a loudmouth jerk, and get the kind of reaction a loudmouth jerk ought to get, then you have to convince yourself you didn’t do anything at all.

Trouble is, you did.  And everyone else heard it.

Look, as a New Jersey resident, I have my own problems with Chris Christie.  And I would love the opportunity to discuss them with him.

But – call me old-fashioned – my idea of a discussion isn’t screaming out “You suck”.  And, if I ever did such a thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the person I screamed it at displayed displeasure with my words.

But, then again, I don’t aspire to be a loudmouthed jerk.  And the video you just saw will, I assure you, keep me in that frame of mind.

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  • Why only 5 seconds of video? Something tells me there is more video that the Cubs fan doesn’t want us to see. I am sure if it showed him in a good light and the Gov. in a bad way we would be seeing it.

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