Harvey Weinstein is off to sexual rehab, after telling us that “everyone makes mistakes” and “deserves a second chance” (without mentioning that, based on the accusations already made and the ones which seem sure to be coming, this would be roughly his 384th chance).

Amazon Studio Chief Roy Price is suspended for sexual harrasment.

Owner of Amazon (and damn near everything else) Jeff Bezos is accused of covering it up.

And, because the sexual pandora’s box has been opened, it is a near certain bet that at least some of the others whom actors and actresses have talked about without naming names, will be identified.

The scabs are finally coming off this most scabrous industry.

Good.  Can’t happen soon enough.  Let the fans know who they’re idolizing.  Let them know the real truth about these people, so many of whom are quick to moralize to us about their principles and beliefs.  Let’s see who they really are.

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