This startling, world-shaking news from Georgia:

Rep. John Lewis and Rep. Hank Johnson are going to boycott President Trump’s State of the Union address!!!!!!

Wow.  That sure shook things up.  I’ll just bet President Trump will call them both and beg, beg them to come.

On the other hand, maybe not.  Maybe nobody besides their staffs and a few of their political operatives (with nothing else to do, since John Lewis and Hank Johnson are in districts so safe that if God ran Republican against them it would be a tossup) cares.

My advice to Rep. Lewis – who once, almost a half-century ago, was a genuinely significant figure in the civil rights movement – is to spend the time he boycotts President Trump (he also boycotted last year’s State of the Union speech and the inauguration speech as well) trying find something that would make him relevant again.  It’s been decades.

As for Hank Johnson, I suggest he start a “Save Guam From Capsizing” committee.

I’m sure Democrats and Republicans both would come running….but not too many, or the house chamber might capsize too.

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