On September 27, 2013, I blogged, very negatively, about Hobby Lobby.  I pointed out that, despite opening stores in areas with significant Jewish populations, the company was not selling any Chanukah goods – nor did it sell Passover goods when that Jewish holiday came around.

Long-time readers probably remember that this caused a pretty large blow-up in media, that a week after I put up the post I was called by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, that we had a conversation about the blog, and that I put up a second post detailing our conversation.

That was pretty much the last of it, until two years ago when CBS’s Washington DC affiliate contacted me and did a story about it.

But now?  All of a sudden my facebook page – despite the fact that I put up maybe two or three posts there all year – has been inundated with friend requests from people I do not know.  And when I asked about it, several of them told me the Hobby Lobby blog is again “making the rounds”.  This has been accompanied by about six times as much web traffic as I usually get.

With the above in mind, therefore, I am going to reprint the original Hobby Lobby posts I issued, so people who are only hearing about them have a chance to see what they actually said.

They will be my next two blogs.  Please remember that they were written in 2013 and I do NOT know whether what I said at that time is still true today (though it probably will cause me to finally go into the local Hobby Lobby I wrote about and see for myself – which, if I do, will generate another blog).

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