I\’ll make this short and sweet.

The Hillary Clinton camp has announced that Ms. Clinton will be on hiatus until July.  No presidential stuff, no campaigning, no nothing.

The party line is that this is so she can set and fine-tune her campaign, develop her issues, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah yada yada yada.

I don\’t believe it for a second.

As I said in a previous blog:  logic has it that this is either health related or Hubby Bubba related:

-Health, as in she is not in good health and her willingness, maybe even capability, to run is an issue;

-Hubby Bubba, as in the investigation of charges that he was involved in wild parties with young girls, maybe under-age girls,  on the plane and private island of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  If that comes out, it might well put a kibosh on any presidential hopes she has.  Does the country really want four, or maybe eight, more years of Clinton with the wandering Johnson, catting around the White House as “First Gentleman”?  I don\’t think so.

I suppose there could be one or more other reasons; ones that we don\’t even know about right now.  But, of the ones we are aware of, those are my best bets. 

Let me finish by assuring Hillary\’s helpmates that they can tell us it\’s just some kind of campaign strategy until they\’re blue in the face (not red, of course, only blue).  But I doubt anyone will be buying it.

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