Suppose you were the presumptive presidential nominee of your party.  Suppose you were a politician with universal recognition. And suppose you were so far ahead of everyone else who might challenge you that they didn\’t have a chance to win.  

You might well shut things down for a few months to rest up, build your organization, hone your message, and leave the opposition party hopefuls to fight among themselves…thus damaging each other while you stay strong.

That would make sense.

But suppose you were the presumptive nominee, with universal recognition (i.e. it\’s not like voters don\’t think they know you), and more people saw you in an unfavorable light than favorably.  And suppose were polling under 50% versus the opposition party\’s prospective candidates as well.  Would you shut things down for a few months under those circumstances?

That would make no sense at all. 

With the above in mind, please note that the latest polling by Democrat-friendly Public Policy Polling (PPP), shows:

-Hillary Clinton has a 43% favorable rating, but 48% see her in an unfavorable light;

-Despite her universal recognition, Ms. Clinton polls 45%/46% versus each of four potential Republican nominees:  Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rand Paul.

Now:  why is Hillary Clinton shutting it down until July?

There is something going on that, so far, we can only speculate on (as I did in the previous blog); that Hillary & Co. are not telling us about.

What is it?  And how will it affect whether Ms. Clinton will run for President.

I\’m no fortune teller.  But the answer would be a scoop so big that even a friendly media would run, not walk, to report it. 

Shouldn\’t take long.

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