I watched about five minutes of a report on CNN, showing Elizabeth Warren unloading on Donald Trump in vicious, nasty, insulting personal terms that Trump’s advisers would have cringed at.

And there was Hillary Clinton, laughing and enthusiastically clapping as she did.

Any claim Ms. Clinton had to the high road – and she did have one – is now gone.

When I get a transcript, or web site report, on the exact wording of her ugly screed (it’s sure to be up in short order) I’ll post it here.

UPDATE:  among the pleasantries tossed out by Ms. Warren, were that Donald Trump is “a thin-skinned bully, who is driven by greed and hate”, and “a small, insecure money-grubber who fights for no one but himself.”

You may agree or disagree with that assessment of Trump.  But, as Hillary Clinton enthusiastically endorsed it with her laughter and applause, she forfeited any right to complain about how Trump attacks her.

You’re right down in the mud with him, Hillary.  Have fun.

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