Ken Berwitz

Revelations put Clinton in crosshairs of broadening inquiry into whether she mishandled classified information

Officials reviewed five classified emails and determined they included information from five intelligence agencies

State Department officials warned there could be hundreds of classified emails

That\’s pretty grim news about Hillary Clinton, isn\’t it?

Must be from one of those mouth-breathing conservative looney-tunes web sites. We all know you can\’t trust them…..

…..oh, wait. It\’s not from any such source. In fact, those are the sub-heads from an article published today, by the decidedly mainstream McClatchy Group. An article that makes Ms. Clinton\’s claims about what was and wasn\’t on her server look even more dishonest than they already did – which is going some.

Most mainstream media are still in PHM (Protect Hillary Mode). But McClatchy deserves credit for deciding it is a journalistic enterprise, not a propaganda arm of the Hillary For President campaign.

And if McClatchy keeps scooping the others, who knows? At some point they just might have to decide they\’re journalists too.

Wouldn\’t that be a refreshing change?

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