Johnny Carson would have loved this one.

How accomplishmentless is Hillary Clinton?  So accomplishmentless that one of her most ardent supporters can’t name one without using google…..and even then she couldn’t anyway.

Excerpted from Chuck Ross’s piece at dailycaller.com:

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein had to turn to Google during an interview earlier this week when asked to name her former colleague Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments in the Senate.

Feinstein, who met with The San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board on Tuesday, ultimately said that Clinton was not in the Senate “long enough…to do more.”

Clinton was elected to the Senate from New York in 2000. She left in January 2009 to serve as secretary of state.

“As someone who worked with Hillary Clinton for nearly a decade in the Senate, what in your view was her signature accomplishment as a senator?” The Chronicle’s editorial board asked Feinstein.

“Golly, I forget what bills she’s been part of or authored. I didn’t really come prepared to discuss this,” said Feinstein, who had planned to pitch a new water plan.

Carson would have gotten a really good laugh out of this.  I can just hear Ed McMahon guffawing from his perch on the couch.

But, for the rest of us, it isn’t funny at all.  Hillary Clinton is telling us she is worthy to be the President of the United States.   Based on what?  Even one of her big-time supporters can’t answer that question.
Carson wouldn’t have stopped there, either.  He would have followed this up with a comment that, yes, she did have accomplishments.  She managed to give intelligence agencies in countries around the world a full view of everything the Secretary of State was emailing back and forth for four years.
That would have gotten him quite the belly laugh.
Not from me, though.

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  • Hillary Clinton is telling us she is worthy to be the President of the United States. Based on what?

    By electing Obama, this country has has proven a candidate does’t need any experience to be the POTUS.

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