David Kendall is the high-priced DC lawyer engaged by Hillary Clinton, to keep her from those terrible congresspeople who actually – can you believe this – think she should turn over all the emails from the server she used when she was Secretary Of State, rather than taking her word for it that there was nothing of interest about teensy weensy little matters like, for example, Benghazi.

Here is a portion of his statement to the House Oversight Committee:

“There is no basis to support the proposed third-party review of the server that hosted the hdr22@clintonemail.com account.  To avoid prolonging a discussion that would be academic, I have confirmed with the secretary\’s IT support that no emails…..for the time period January 21, 2009 through February 1, 2013 reside on the server or on any back-up systems associated with the server.”

Well, that should clear things up nicely.  All erased.  Not just from the server but from any backup system associated with the server (Do you do that with your personal emails?  Does anyone you know of do that?)

This is supposed to satisfy the committee and everyone else.  See, there was nothing of importance in those emails.  Hillary says so. 

If you believe this, you are either gullible to the nth degree, or so unconditionally committed to Hillary Clinton that the fact that Clinton and Kendall\’s claim flew off the BS meter doesn\’t matter to you.

But, if you do not believe this – and, if the latest polling data are any indication, there are one whole lot of people who qualify – then maybe Hillary Clinton\’s candidacy is in a lot more trouble than some people realize it is.

Old emails do not easily die.  Despite the virtual media blackout, we discovered this in regard to lois “liar” lerner at the IRS tax-exempt division.

Hiding Hillary – a potential presidential candidate – won\’t be as easy.

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