From Jack Gillum\’s article for the Associated Press:

The State Department says it can find only four emails sent between former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and her staff concerning drone strikes and certain U.S. surveillance programs, and those notes have little to do with either subject.

The messages also reveal Clinton used an iPad to email while secretary of state in addition to her BlackBerry, despite her explanation she set up a private email account and homebrew server while she was the nation\’s top diplomat so that she could carry a single device.

The four emails were obtained by The Associated Press under a 2013 Freedom of Information Act…It is the first time it has provided Clinton-related documents in response to several outstanding FOIA requests, the first of which AP filed in 2010…The response also came about three weeks after AP filed a federal lawsuit against the State Department, seeking to force the release of materials during Clinton\’s tenure.

She ignored the requests, then demands, for information.  Then, finally, after going as far as she can to avoid providing anything, we get this….the week after her mouthpiece lawyer tells us that, oh, by the way, all the information on all those emails on her server are removed and scrubbed so no one can get them anymore. 

Anyone who believes a word Hillary Clinton says is beyond hope.

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