Ken Berwitz

Hillary Clinton would love crossover votes.  But, somehow, I doubt she likes the “crossover” lines in this chart, which tracks her positive and negative ratings from the NBC/Wall St. Journal poll since February, 2013, when she resigned as Secretary Of State:

To put this in perspective, I\’ll put it in Rhyme:

When the red goes up and the blue goes down, 

The facial expression will turn to a frown.

If that is true, then Ms. Clinton should be in deep frown territory right now.  And it\’s not like she can accuse NBC News of being anti-Clinton or of favoring Republicans (although, given the Clintons\’ propensity for blaming others, I can\’t guarantee she won\’t try).

Incidentally, I pulled that chart from Carrie Dann\’s article for NBC news, the headline of which is:

Biden Would Enter 2016 Race As Most Popular Candidate: Poll

Use the link, read the article, and you\’ll see why the headline is correct….and why Ms. Clinton\’s frown should be even deeper.

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