I was up early this morning, and watched about 15 minutes of “Morning Joe”.  I could barely believe what I was hearing. 

Joe Scarborough, and his dyed-in-the-wool Democrat co-host Mika Brzezinski, and everyone else on the panel, was absolutely skewering Hillary Clinton for her lies about the emails on her personal server…and the fact that she told lie after lie even though there was virtually no doubt that information would soon come out disproving those lies.

Then they referenced the just-released Quinnipiac poll, which shows Ms. Clinton\’s favorability at an all-time low for that poll (just 40%, to 51% unfavorable) and the borderline-devastating finding that just 37% see her as “honest and trustworthy” versus 57% saying she is not. 

Even on the issue of “caring about their needs and problems” – the hallmark of her entire campaign so far – 52% say she does not.

The “Morning Joe” people, at least during the segment I watched, stuck almost exclusively to her email problems.  But, if that 52% saying she doesn\’t care about their needs and problems is accurate, it exposes a far deeper problem. 

Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for upwards of 30 years.  This is not some snapshot imagery of a newcomer that can be wiped away with a few slick ads and clever turns of phrase in a stump speech.  This is where people have come to, and settled on, about her. 

Tell me what Hillary Clinton can do after all this time, to make people like her?  To make people think she is honest?  To make people think that she truly cares about them? 

And let\’s remember that is before a major alternative jumps into the Democrat race – while it is still mostly Bernie Sanders. 

What happens when a real opponent – Joe Biden, for example – jumps into the race. What happens when a serious candidate – other than the curiosity and entertainment value of Donald Trump – emerges?  What happens when they start talking about, reminding people about, why they find Ms. Clinton so unfavorable after all this time?

Hillary Clinton inevitable?  Believe me, she\’s evitable.

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