If you want to see the face of real hatred – which, despite how little is reported about it, all too often, means left wing hatred – take a look at this tweet from a British rapper, and who it attacks:

FYI: ┬áto “run a train” means a line of men, each of whom will have “sex” (if this is your idea of what sex is) with a female.

I didn’t use the term “woman”, ┬ábecause Nigel Farage’s daughters – the ones this “man” suggests be the recipient of what amounts to mass rape – are aged 9 and 15.

This is the kind of hate, spewed daily, that we’re not supposed to know about because, you see, hate only comes from the right.

Incidentally, the sack of manure who put that tweet up – his real name is Jake Brook – has since taken it down and apologized…..after everyone had seen it, of course.

If I were Mr. Farage I would tell him to take his apology and shove it where what there is of his brain apparently resides.

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