The answer to the above question is:  maybe.  But, as seen in the following excerpt from Vincent Barone’s article for the New York Post, there is at least some reason to hope:

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine believe that they’ve found a potential vaccine for the new coronavirus.

The researchers announced their findings Thursday and believe the vaccine could be rolled out quickly enough to “significantly impact the spread of disease,” according to their study published in EBioMedicine.

The vaccine would be delivered on a small, fingertip-sized patch. When tested on mice, the vaccine produced enough antibodies believed to successfully counteract the virus.

The scientists say they were able to act fast because they had already done research on the similar coronaviruses SARS and MERS.

Keep your fingers crossed.


  • I think it would still be a year away at best.
    The more promising seems to be the treatment
    It seems to lessen the symptoms and decrease the amount of time you are debilitated.

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