From Peter Hasson’s article at dailycaller.com:

Self-described “anti-fascists” (or “Antifa”) launched smoke bombs and other projectiles at Portland police officers and attacked photographers documenting their actions on Sunday, law enforcement officers said.

Left-wing agitators descended upon Portland in response to a “Patriot Prayer” rally on Sunday. Antifa members reportedly launched smoke bombs and other projectiles at police officers, who arrested at least seven people, according to the Portland Police Department, which documented the violence on Twitter. At least two police officers were injured in the violence.

Hate-filled.  Violent.  Intent on shutting down all speech they don’t agree with.

These are the people who say they are against fascism.

That’s like Aaron Judge saying he is against hitting home runs.

It should be be pointed out that these are the same people who – with considerable help from the city’s Mayor and the state’s Governor (signer and McAuliffe) engaged in the same violent crap in Charlottesville, Virginia — and then were protected by most mainstream media when President Trump called them out for it, along with the White supremacists and nazi wannabes they attacked.

See, hate-filled violent and anti-free speech activity is just fine, provided it is against the correct people.

But is that true?  Does the fact that White supremacists and neo-nazis are odious scum of the earth – which they absolutely are – mean that the violent, anti-free speech thugs who hate them (along with just about everyone else who is not among the lunatic left, including mainstream conservatives) are better.

Being against racists and nazis does not require being for lunatic left fascism.

That’s a fact; one which a great many in mainstream media ought to get through their heads.


  • This is a repeat of Germany, after World War I.
    Violent gangs of thugs and goons battling on the streets, destroying property and terrorizing the populace.
    It was the Nazis against the communists. Each side wanted POWER !

    That is EXACTLY what we see here. Two sides (one minuscule), each using violence to beat the other side and cower the citizenry.

    To clarify: The Anti-Fa are Total Fascists
    ….. The moniker is Alinsky’ing – – accusing the other side of YOUR despicable actions.

    • When was the last time you saw American nazis violently attacking and beating people down? I can’t remember it ever happening. Usually 10-15 of them march through the streets and get yelled at and cussed by 80-100 people while 50-60 media film it. I honestly don’t see a huge nazi and white supremacist problem in the USA. Certainly nowhere near what the left and the media [one in the same] claims.

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