This is going to be an easy blog, because it is little more than an introduction to Dave Urbanski’s article at theblaze.com…

…which notes the imbecilic claim by Rep. Hank Johnson D-GA) that there is an imbalance of power between President Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenski¬† – not because of the fact that we are a superpower and the Ukraine is not, but because President Trump is taller than Zelensky (yep, he is) and that he sat in a bigger chair than Zelensky when they met (he didn’t – the chairs were identical).

This, Mr. Urbanski reminds us is the same Hank Johnson who questioned the Commander of our Pacific Command about the possibility that if we put too many of our people on the island of Guam it might tip over and capsize (here is the video the same one I put up when Johnson made this incredibly dumb comment.)

You’ve got the link, take a look and see for yourself.

And then remind yourself that Hank Johnson’s district (Georgia’s 4th) is the same one that elected his predecessor, the anti-Semitic lunatic cynthia mckinney.

What’s going on with the people over there?

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