hamas, the terrorist organization running Gaza and essentially running Judea/Samaria (aka the west bank) as well, is calling for “three days of rage” as a reaction to President Trump’s announcement that the United States’ Israel embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

But, as this cartoon from two years ago indicates, it may not be that easy to accomplish:  not with so many other activities on the schedule:

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This is meant to be funny, and ironic.  And it is both.

However, it also conveys the fruitlessness of Palestlian Arab “leaders” declaring three days of rage, when pretty much every day is a day of rage.

Put another way, three days of rage is, in actuality, three days of business as usual.

Oh, one other thing:  this morning, in their “coverage” of the embassy move, all three networks “reported” that, by announcing the embassy move, President Trump was breaking with 70 years of U.S. Policy.

That is a lie.  Fake News at it’s worst.

The truth is that, in 1995, congress passed The Jerusalem Embassy Act, which initiated and funded the exact same embassy relocation President Trump announced.  The last time I checked, a congressional vote and presidential signature (Bill Clinton’s) made it U.S. policy.

The fact that three different president prior to Donald Trump did not implement the policy does not mean it didn’t exist.

Don’t expect any retractions and/or apologies, though.  After all this is Donald Trump, you know.

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