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North Carolina election officials agreed to count all ballots received by Nov. 12 as long as they’re postmarked by Election Day, giving another boost to Democrats in a critical state and resolving a lawsuit brought by a group representing retirees.

The state also agreed on Tuesday to set up ballot drop-off stations and to allow North Carolina voters to correct errors on mailed-in ballots, according to a copy of a consent decree posted online by the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Marc Elias, who also represents national Democrats in related suits.

In other words, we’ll keep counting ballots for a week and a half after the election, and don’t worry about sending them in, you (or whomever has your mail-in ballot) can just anonymously drop them off.

So says North Carolina, with its Democrat Governor and 7 member Supreme Court consisting of three Democrats and four “nonpartisan”members.

I live in New Jersey, over 400 miles from North Carolina.  I can smell the stink from here.

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  • If Biden ends up winning, days or weeks after the election [like all those Representatives in California 20018] will that be enough to get the Right/Conservatives/Republicans to finally rise up and put a stop to all this Un-American activity from the Left/Democrats???

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