A week and a half ago I blogged about Nevada Governor George Sisolak effectively banning the use of chloroquine to treat the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Here was his formal statement:

And now we have this, as reported by Rob Lauer, for (sorry for posting the entire piece, Rob, it’s too short to excerpt):

On March 23, 2020 Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed a State of Emergency Declaration barring Nevada Doctors outside hospitals from prescribing the anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for use against the Corona Virus and limiting how many a pills a patient can receive for “approved” uses, unrelated to the COVID19.

According to sources at the drug maker, Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc, Nevada prisons ordered a large number of their anti-malaria Hydroxychloroquine drug under the name, Plaquenli. Nevada prisons has literally ZERO cases of prisoners infected with the COVID 19 virus to date. The Nevada Board of Pharmacies and the Governor claimed the rule barring doctors from prescribing the drug outside of hospitals was to stop hoarding. After Sisolak’s ban went into effect, the State Prison hoarded the drug in a mass just in case they had break out.

Gov. Sisolak refused to reverse his order even after the FDA issued an emergency order earlier this week approving the drug for use against COVID 19.

What a consummate hypocrite.  What a consummate fraud.  And that’s before we get to Sisolak’s obvious endangering of Nevadans (other than prisoners that is): he KNOWS this treatment is effective, and prevents them from getting it anyway.

I titled my original blog “IS NEVADA GOVERNOR STEVEN SISOLAK INSANE?”  Not only does that title stand as written, but the alternative – that he is doing this in his right mind – is even worse.

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